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Department - IHBT

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Transfusion Medicine/ IHBT is a relatively nascent discipline. This discipline entails clinical as well as Lab services. Nononco-hematology, apheresis medicine, transplant medice (HSCT, solid organ) are prioritised clinical domain.

Immunohematology, thrombosis & bleeding, HLA typing, viral screening are notable Lab activities.

Designated blood center bolster the departmental function.

Recently, CCP in covid19 treatment has unveiled unique clinical role.

Publications (01.01.2020 to 01-12-2020)

  1. Incidence and analysis of blood donor adverse reactions- an opportunity to establish a donor vigilance programme at an instituition in eastern India.


Research Activities (including thesis)

Thesis1. Analysis of profile of plateletpheresis donors and their selection or deferral based on system of practice in a regional blood transfusion center.

Thesis2. Platelet transfusion requirement in acute leukemia patients in a regional blood transfusion centre in Kolkata.

UG/PG/PD/Paramedical class schedule- including online

  1. PG lecture classes online intra and inter department        ( SGPGI)
  2. PM classes online for Lab technicians.

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Seminar- weekly, biweekly during covid duty.

Journal club- weekly, biweekly during covid duty.

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IPD beds

Under proposal forwarded.

Building name, floor number & bed number

Green bldg, 1st floor.

Annual Report

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Prof. Prasun Bhattacharya Professor and HOD
Prof. Krishnendu Mukherjee Professor
Dr. Biplab Talukdar Assistant Professor
Dr. Chikam Maity Assistant Professor

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Dr. Durba Biswas
Dr. Sayantan Saha

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