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Office of the Nursing Superintendent, MCH, Kolkata

Nursing Superintendent Office plays a key role to provide services to the clients attending OPD and IPD of Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata. Nursing Personnel are there with the patient for 24X7 days and also in any emergency or crisis situation. Nursing Personnel have professional qualification either GNM (Diploma Nursing) or B.SC. Nursing or M.SC. Nursing.Channel of Command -

Channel of Command
Nursing Superintendent (01)
Deputy Nursing Superintendent (08) Senior SisterTutor (01)
Sister In-charge (71) Sister Tutor (12)
Staff Nurse (664)  
Student(GNM) (1 yr-20, 2 yr-19, 3 yr-24)

Nursing Superintendent - Mina Pal


Deputy Nursing Superintendent -

  1. Shampa Jana
  2. Anita Chowdhury
  3. Lakshmi Nandi
  4. Archana Saha
  5. Sarmistha Chakraborty
  6. Ranjulika Mukherjee
  7. Bina Nandi
  8. Dipika Das

Activities of Nursing Superintendent office

I. Administrative:

  • Clinical services through IPD&OPD.
  • Staffing of all the units ofMCH.
  • Supervision&guidance of nursing personnel.
  • Maintain liaison among different departments.

II. Academic:

  • Organizing&participating In-service training programme.
  • Training ofGNMstudents.

III. Others:

  • Organizing&participating different cultural and professional programme e.g. TNAI &SNA Programme.

The main objective of Nursing Profession is to provide services to the mankind in a holistic approach.

Performance Report of College of Nursing

The College of Nursing, Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata was established in 2006 with B.Sc. Nursing course WBUHS and at present running two more courses, namely M.Sc. Nursing and P.B.B.Sc.Nursing courses under the same University. The college is under administrative control of Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of W.B. Following is the performance report of the College.

Significant Achievements during the year:

  1. 100% of the students were passed in the University Examination.
  2. Gold Medalist: Ms. Sweta Sarkar, Topper in the M.Sc.Nursing University Examination and bagged
    gold medal.
  3. Ms. Debjani Singha 2 year B.Sc.Nursing student awarded with National TNAI Scholarship.
  4. Ms. Puja Pramanik, 2 year B.Sc.Nursing got State TNAI Scholarship.
  5. Ms. Debjani Singha got 1 prize and group of 2 year B.Sc. Nursing students got 2 prize in SNA cultural competition.
  6. In national SNA Conference our students got the best paper award and presented at National level. The paper was on traditional vs. video assisted learning of E.T.Tube Suctioning among Nurses.
  7. Dr. Prfo. Smriti Kana Mani, Principal&Dr. Uma Adhikari, senior Lecturer awarded with Ph.D by the WBUHS.
  8. Mrs. Purnima, Kundu, Reader, completed Part-I M.Phil Nursing under MAHE, Manipal.
  9. Principal & faculty organized TOT on IUCD for the State Nursing Participants.
  10. Principal & Faculty Organised conference as Chairperson, Scientific Committee, Souvenir Committee and Inaugural&Valedictory Committee for NRSI National Conference.
  11. Principal&Faculty conducted an In-service Education program for the Nurses at Pavlov Hospital on Daily Care of Mentally ill Clients.
  12. Principal & faculty conducted an awareness and demonstration program on Fire Safety among Students and teachers of our college in collaboration with PWD(Civil), Medical College&Hospital.

Academic Performances:

I. Speaker:

  1. Dr. Prof. Smriti Kana Mani delivered lecture as follows:
    • BCC: Journey of Leadership
    • International Cerebral Palsy Conference: Preventive aspect of CP during pregnancy.
    • CMRI: Maternal and Child Care
    • R.K.Mission:Breast Feeding
    • Apollo College of Nursing:Qualitative Research
    • STM: Patient Safety and Vigilant Nurse
  2. Mrs. Purnima Kundu:
    • CON,MCH: Infection Control Measures in IUCD Workshop.
    • NRSI National Conference: Institutional Review Board.
  3. Ms. Manasi Jana: UNICEF:Training of Counselor : Care during Pregnancy
  4. Dr.Uma Adhikari: NRSI National Conference: Barriers of Research Utilisation.

II. Paper Presented in National Conference:

  1. Ms. Shukla Banerjee: Factors associated with Severe Acute Maternal Morbidity (SAAM).
  2. Ms. Sriparna Satpathy: Problems and satisfaction level among PPIUCD Users.
  3. Ms. Arunima Ghosh: Adherence to Respectful Maternity Care and Reasons of Non-adherence among health personnel.

III. Paper Published:

  1. Dr. Prof. Smriti Kana Mani Jointly with Piu Pramanik:
    • PBLvs. traditional Teaching in International Journal of Nursing education
    • Knowledge and practice regarding self administration of Insulin in Global Journal for Research Analysis.
    • QOL among children with Neurological Deficiency in Indian Journal of Applied research.
    • RM Cin Nursing Journal of India
  2. Mrs. Purnima Kudu Jointly with Ms. Koyel Basak: Effect of Clinical Practice Guidelines among Nurses in Nightingale Nursing Times

IV. Research Conducted:

  • Factors associated with Severe Acute Maternal Morbidity.
  • Problems and satisfaction level among PPIUCD Users.
  • Adherence to Respectful Maternity Care and Reasons of Non-adherence among health personnel.
  • Factors associated with Anwesha Clinic service utilization among Adolescence.
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Stated practices towards parental role.
  • Moral Distress and contributing factors to patient care among Staff Nurses.
  • Relationship between, Psycho-social behavior and academic achievements.
  • Identification of BPD and its associated factors.
  • Perceived women's rights, obligations and family support towards Nursing Services.
  • Parental and adolescent's attitudes and practices towards free domin lifestyle.
  • Satisfaction level of clients towards team of Psychiatric Care Unit.
  • Physical, Social Problems and emotional Stress experienced by the mother of Sick Newborn.
  • Knowledge, Practice and Barriers regarding administration of essential drugs as per standing orders.
  • Factors affecting life style practices among children with ALL.
  • Occurrence of Asthma and its risk factors among children with respiratory symptoms.
  • Health Care practices and QOL among CKD patients.
  • Common Health Problems and related Health Care Practices among Tribal people.
  • Knowledge, life style practices,Risk status and reoccurrence among patients with Renal Calculi.
  • Knowledge, attitude and risk perception regarding complications of Type IIDM.
  • Risk factors and Risk Status of Colo-Rectal cancer among patients with GI problems.
  • Occurrence of Disability, Knowledge and practice of disability prevention among Leprosy patients.
  • Effect of Digitalisation Vs Live demonstration on Normal delivery skill among B.Sc.Nursing Students.
  • Autonomy, Practice and barriers of Nurse Practitioner in Midwifery and staff Nurses in providing maternity care.
  • IMNCI services rendered by Health Workers and reasons of Non- rendered services.

V. Ongoing Research:

i. QOLand Empowerment among women.
ii. Knowledge about Child Abuse and its prevention.
iii. Knowledge &Practice, Barriers of providing FBNC.
iv. Women empowerment
v. Expectation of women during intra and post partum period.
vi. Assertiveness, a self esteem and leadership potentiality among students nurses.
vii. Prevalence, types and reasons of domestic violence faced by postnatal women.
viii. Knowledge regarding post operative complications and Health Problems faced by CABG patients.
ix. Mental Health Literacy among adolescents.
x. Self care practices and barriers among DM patients.
xi. Contributing factors of Teen age pregnancy among tribal post natal women.
xii. Knowledge&Risk status of oral cancer among college students.
xiii. Effect of computer assisted learning on social network site addiction.
xiv. Knowledge and practice of community health nurse regarding AEFI.
xv. Resilence, self efficacy and QOL among mentally ill adults.

VI. Workshop and Conferences attended by the faculty:

  • National NRSI conference : Dr. Prof S K Mani, Mrs. P Kundu, Ms. Manasi Jana, Mrs. U Adhikary, Mrs. A.Ray, Mrs. B Gayen, Mrs. P. Mondal, Mrs. A. Dey, Mrs. J Mandol, Mrs. M. Hazra
  • R Programming at IMH: Dr. Prof SK Mani, Mrs. P Kundu, Ms.Manasi Jana,Mrs.A.Ray.
  • Review of Literature conducted by ANSWER: Dr. Prof S K Mani, Mrs. P Kundu, Ms. Manasi Jana, Mrs.A.Ray,Ms K. Saha
  • Research Methodology&statistics: Dr. Prof SK Mani
  • Nursing CONCLAVE: Dr. Prof SK Mani
  • LaQshya by UNICEF: Dr. Prof S K Mani, Ms. M.Jana, Ms. A. Roy, Ms. P .Mondal, Ms. B. Gayen.
  • TNAI Conference: Dr. Prof SKMani.