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Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at IHTM-A Ray of Hope

Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at IHTM-A Ray of Hope

Human endeavour has always been about inventing something that can cure the disease and not merely suppress it. Bone Marrow transplant is possibly this dream come true event in today’s perspective of curing the disease with least chance of it coming back.

         In West Bengal Government set-up Institute of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine is serving the ailing victims of both benign and   malignant hematological disorders for more than two decades. Indeed the Bone Marrow Transplant unit is a new feather to its crown. This unit has been functional since November 2016.  A well-equipped BMT unit with all modern facilities of performing both Autologous and Allogenic Stem Cell Transplantation .The unit has 3 step barrier system with laminar air flow, four separate rooms with Hepa filters, UV chamber for disinfecting things taken inside There is RO system for 24 hour water supply. Trained and dedicated sisters and staffs make the unit at per with established transplant centers all over the country.  The teams of doctors are committed to provide the best service to the patient. Medical College has a updated and dedicated Transfusion Medicine Department. Their co-operation & support is another strong backbone of the BMT unit. Till now 23 patients have undergone the procedure of which 9 patient have undergone Allogenic Transplant and the rest Autologous.

          The team members are not only sympathetic but empathetic to the patient who remains admitted inside the closed circuit for quite a long time. Modes of entertainment like television, music system are placed inside all the four cabins for the patient and their accompanying person. After discharge the patient is kept under strict vigilance. Till now all patients treated at BMT unit are doing well and most of them are back in main stream of their life. Mortality till date is nil.

          The financial support by West Bengal Government has markedly curbed the expense of the procedure making it affordable for any person irrespective of his financial background. The search for the best panacea for haematological diseases will never end but the BMT unit at IHTM is definitely the platform from where these patients can board their train for a new journey of life.